A contemporary twist on the classic ‘whodunit’ starring UK songstress and ITV Loose Woman Jamelia; and Batman and Pirates of the Caribbean UK actor Winston Ellis. THE DIARY is filmed in London with a story-line that is timeless but scenes and scenarios that are bang up to date. This thriller has social relevance. Detective Inspector Anisa Powell [Jamelia], is a lady who grew up on the tough streets of Handsworth, Birmingham but moved to London to pursue her childhood dream, a career in the Metropolitan Police force. She excels to a high ranking position but with it comes the pressure of being a female of colour in a male dominated organisation. Not one to be deterred by pressure or stereotypes, D.I. Powell is faced with her biggest challenge yet, a prolific serial killer….

Talented Jamelia gives a quality and polished performance

a down to earth British Film, Pinewood for the new millenium…

Annabel Davis | Winston Ellis | Chris Wilson | Jamelia | Luke Kidd | Ritchi Edwards | Tony Hamilton | Vincent Murray | Dave Moyle | Colin Burt Vidler | Ryan Wiggins | Samantha Tomlin | Callum Higgins | Diane Crush | Karen Williams | Gloria Price | Shaz Rahman | Fidel | Yasmin & Lailah Boateng-Muhammad | Charleigh Webb | Sam Brown | Fredi Kruga Nwaka | Will Mclaughlin | Denise Wilton


Thank You For A Great Night

THE DIARY premiere was in London Saturday 10 December 2016 at the renovated 19th-century arthouse, Genesis Cinema. Directed by Fredi Nwaka this film demonstrates just what a talented actress Jamelia is and Fredi Nwaka continues to create a platform for British talent in front and behind the camera. Thank you all who made the screening a sellout success.